The CSUMB University Factbook is a collection of current and recent historical statistical data about CSUMB. The University Factbook is designed to make frequently requested data easily available to students, faculty, and administration at CSUMB as well as to external stakeholders that have interest in the university.

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- Academic Year 2014-2015

- Academic Year 2013-2014

- Academic Year 2012-2013 

- Academic Year 2011 -2012 PDF

- Academic Year 2010 -2011 PDF

- Academic Year 2009 -2010 PDF

- Academic Year 2008 -2009 PDF

- Academic Year 2007 -2008 PDF


Note for Factbooks 2012-2013 and before:

You can navigate the University Factbook in two ways: (1) Open the Factbook, and then click on the "Bookmarks", located on the top-left corner of the document. Bookmarks act like a table of contents, where each bookmark represents a chapter or section. (2) Use the clickable "Table of Contents" at the beginning of the Factbook. For accessible version of these reports, please contact us.