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Type of Information

Assessment of Student Learning CSUMB Assessment of Student Learning

CSU Proficiency and Remediation Rates

Proficiency Reports of Students Entering the CSU System

CSUMB Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan, Planning Timeline, Calendar of Events, Educational and Economic Trends

CSUMB Center for Teaching,
Learning, and Assessment

Development of the pedagogy, curriculum, assessment to promote the University Learning Requirements (ULRs) and the Major Learning Outcomes (MLOs).

CSUMB Academic Information & Scheduling

Course Enrollment, Faculty Workload, Space, Class and Course Schedules, Academic Calendar

CSUMB Planning & Development

Campus Master Plan, Capital Improvement Program, Space Utilization Request Form

CSUMB Budget Office

Budget Policies and Procedures, CSU salary schedule, CO Budget Office, Budget Forms

CSUMB University Police

Campus Crime Statistics, Law Enforcement Activities, Public Safety Services, Police Programs

Other Documents Other IAR Documents


Accreditation Information

System Graduation Rates Comparison for First Time Freshmen

CSU System Comparison for First Time Freshmen

EEO Statistics CSUMB Employee Profile(Note:Historical Data can be available on request)
Links to External Websites

Links to External Websites